NOVABLOCK is an innovative roller shutter, which is resistant to break-in attempts, thanks to the self-locking system that prevents the roller shutter from being raised if pushed from the bottom to the top.

The lightness of the material and the ease of the installation makes it a unique shutter, and perfectly interchangeable with the traditional one in just a few minutes.
NOVABLOCK is equipped with a micro-perforated surface, useful for the ventilation of the environment, up to three times more intense passage of light as compared to the classic rolling shutters. It also prevents mosquitos and other insects from entering. It also allows a wide view towards the outside while ensuring the privacy inside the house.
The NOVABLOCK self-locking shutter is synonymous with safety, comfort and a guarantee of long-lasting use, thanks to the absence of components that could easily wear out. The roller has an extraordinary resistance to weather conditions and the time spent on maintenance, is reduced to a minimum.


Download the brochure of the new NOVABLOCK roller